While grading is not compulsory we do recommend that you grade.  Each grade is a foundation for advancing your technical knowledge of Aikido and is a great way to focus your development of the basics.  We run grading sessions twice a year, once in spring and once in autumn.  As a general rule your instructor will invite you to apply for your next grade but if you feel you are ready and wish to apply to grade please speak with one of the instructors and they will be happy to discuss this with you.  Once agreed that you will attempt your next grading we will provide you with an application form for you to complete to confirm your participation in the next upcoming grading session.


You are responsible for your preparation.  It is required that you attend a minimum of 2 classes a week when preparing for a grading and were possible you should try and organize some extra training with a fellow student. A  But remember we are here to help!  If there are any techniques you are unsure of or just want reinforcing please inform the instructor before the class and they will be happy to demonstrate it for you.  Also as grading approach we will start to schedule in mock grading's into the class to help you prepare and so we can give you feedback.

Our grading Syllabus is available here →