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CL2Dublin Aikikai Aikido began its life with the Phibsboro Aikido Club in September of 1995, located in North Dublin at the Phibsboro Gym. The clubs founder Cyril Lagrasta (5th Dan) had come to live in Ireland from his native France.

photo6While in France, Cyril had studied Aikido in his hometown of Grenoble with Bruno Mathis (5th Dan). The then owner of the Phibsboro Gym had an interest in learning Aikido. He approached Cyril and asked him to start a club at the gym. So the seeds were sown, and the Phibsboro dojo opened, with no mats to begin with, it was tough to keep students and the interest in Aikido going.

In time Cyril founded our Dublin Aikikai Aikido organisation and we have maintained close links with teachers in France and the FFAAA (Fédération Française d’Aïkido, d’Aïkibudo et Affinitaires). The style we practise is Aikikai which is the organisation originated by the founder of Aikido (O-Sensei) and is currently headed by O-Sensei's grandson in Tokyo. We try to remain faithful to the roots of Aikido.

We regularly invite high ranking French instructors to teach seminars here in Dublin, in particular Philippe Gouttard (6th Dan), who is our Technical Director. Luc Mathevet (6th Dan) and Marc Bachraty (6th Dan) are also regular visitors and we enjoy the spirit and teaching they bring to the club. Our seminars are open to anybody with basic Aikido experience and we are delighted to share our Aikido with whoever is interested in attending.

CL4Our students often travel overseas to seminars, especially to France and also to the Hombu (Aikikai headquarters) dojo in Japan. A particular favourite is Phillippe Gouttard's week-long seminar at Meze in the south coast of France each July.

Cyril left Dublin in 2010 to start a new life in Geneva, leaving his senior students to continue teaching and managing the club, and Cyril himself has now become one of our visiting instructors.

The club has moved from it's original setting in Phibsboro Gym and now holds classes at Dance House on Foley Street and at DCU Sports Complex. We also have affiliated clubs in Belfast and Galway.

The Dublin Aikikai Aikido is very committed to developing the wonderful art of Aikido in Ireland, and the door is always open to anyone who wishes to learn. Classes can be started at any time while dicipline and effort is required we also encourage an open and enjoyable atmosphere in the classes.

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Class Timetable

Foley St 19.30 - 21.00
DCU 20.00 - 21.30
Foley St 19.30 - 21.00
DCU 12.30 - 14.00
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